Project Surprise a Spouse

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Project Surprise a Spouse

As military spouses, we know what it means to serve and survive a deployment. It's challenging each and every day, but particularly so during the holidays. That's why we're so excited to launch Project Surprise a Spouse! 
Project Surprise a Spouse Care Packages contain exclusive gifts created specifically for deployment. They are so exclusive you can't even purchase them on the website. We don't want to give anything away, but trust us, the care packages are thoughtful, fun and guaranteed to brighten someone's day. 

We are really happy to be in a position to spread the love this holiday season and gift some deserving women. Thank you so much for helping us execute Project Surprise a Spouse. We can't do it without you!
Please fill out the spreadsheet here or click to open it in a new window if you're on mobile.
*As you may know, our tee collections are geared towards women, so at this time we are only gifting women. Sorry, dudes! Stay tuned for the near year. ;) 


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