New Women's and Kids Tees Available Now

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New Women's and Kids Tees Available Now

Since launching in February we have worked to launch new tee designs every month. We are committed to maintaining the quality even while growing the quantity of what we offer. Our plan is to continue to introduce new designs while paying close attention to what is resonating with our customers. We'll take note from the demand (what's selling) to guide the supply (designs). 

With that said, we truly appreciate and rely on your feedback. Please continue to like, share and shop your favorites so we can make note of what is gaining traction and what, well, stinks.

New Kids Tees

Because April is the Month of the Military Child, two of our new designs are all about our awesome mil kids. Proud Military Kid and I am a Military Kid allow our sweet kids to share a little bi too their story every day.

month of the military child kids graphic tees

The third new kids tee is Be the Good. Like with our popular Kind is the New Cool we love graphic tees that spread love and share a message we think is important. With so much negatively all around us, we love seeing our cute kids remind everyone to believe there is good in the world. 

Be the Good Kids graphic tee

New Women's Tees

#poundsign may be my favorite tee yet. And not just because it's based on my call sign (#Swag). We just think it's funny!

#poundsign graphic tee


Two of our new April women's designs are about deployments. It seems like many of our friends 6-month deployment rotations begin or end around this time of year so we have deployments on the brain. And, let's face it, deployments are always on the minds of military spouses.

Our new R. E. D. tee is based on the "wear red on Fridays" to remember everyone deployed. 

Dressing every day can be a chore even when you're not in solo mode with a deployed spouse. We obviously like keeping it simple with a cool graphic tee and it doesn't get any easier than the my deployment shirt

As always, we appreciate your support and thank you for shopping with us. We continue to donate 10% of our profits to the American Widow Project.


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