Why We Created The Rosie Project

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Why We Created The Rosie Project

Like most moms, Jenny and I are relatively busy. So we had to question our sanity when we decided to jump feet first into this endeavor. (Seriously, Jenny has a full time job and four young boys!) 

But, we both care really deeply about the mission of The Rosie Project so we truly couldn't get started fast enough.

First and foremost, we want to provide a product and service that is really missing in today's (very full) market: stylish tee shirts geared towards military families. Key word here is stylish. Yes, there are tons of shirts out there for the military spouse, but they just aren't... us. We don't see ourselves in those clothes and we're guessing a lot of you don't see yourselves reflected in those either. 

We also feel strongly about the clothes we put on our children. Dressing kids can be a struggle (understatement) but it shouldn't be a challenge to find cute and age-appropriate tees that reflect who our kids are. Our military family shirts are great for homecomings, squadron events and every day in between. 

Of course we round out our women's and children's collections with non-military designs that everyone can relate to.

The second reason we created The Rosie Project is to give back to the military community. We will donate profits from every single sale to a carefully selected charity that benefits military families. Our first charity partner is American Widow Project.

We're excited to share The Rosie Project with you, and we truly hope you like it as much as we do.


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