Charity Partner: American Widow Project

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Charity Partner: American Widow Project

As we mentioned before, one of the compelling motivations for us to start The Rosie Project was the opportunity to give back to charities that support our military community. Picking our first charity partner wasn't a decision we took lightly. We wanted to be very intentional about picking a group we feel passionate about and that uses donated funds raised wisely.

We are proud and humbled to share that our first charity partner is the American Widow Project. The American Widow Project's mission is to "[provide] vital support to military widows with programs that unify, educate, empower and assist in rebuilding their lives in the face of tragedy."


American Widow Project

Taryn Davis started AWP after losing her husband in 2007 to multiple roadside bombs in Iraq. Her world was rocked, but she moved on in a journey that has helped a new generation of military widows know that they are not alone. 


The Rosie Project is honored to donate 10% of every purchase to the American Widow Project. We hope you will appreciate this organization as much as we do.

We're committed to giving back and appreciate your support that allows us to do it!


  • Kate

    Absolutely, Lora! Send us an email with more information ( so we can consider it for our next charity partner. Thanks!

  • Lora Beldon

    Would you consider partnering with a military kid art camp?!

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